Daylight Savings 2015

Daylight Savings 2015

Daylight Savings 2015 – Omaha Carpet Cleaning

It’s no secret that starting out our week with an hour less sleep is difficult, but when its because of the time change it can be even harder on your family and your body.

Here are some great tips from CBS NEWS for adjusting to the time change! They invites two doctors to weigh in on what might help the most!

Here are some of Krespi and Grayver’s do’s and don’ts:

Do exercise caution on the roads. Sleep deprivation due to the time change has also led to an increase in road accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 100,000 police-reported crashes are the direct result of driver fatigue each year.

Do take it easy over the weekend. “Try to go to bed a little early so that you can get extra sleep on Friday and Saturday. Limit naps to 30 or 40 minutes,” says Krespi.

Do make your bedroom environment a sleep sanctuary. Krespi suggests making your sleeping quarters dark, quiet and cool. Lower the room temperature to somewhere around the high 60’s.

Do drink plenty of liquids, making sure to avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages in the late afternoon and evening.

Don’t have a huge meal late at night and go to bed. Krespi says that’s a recipe for disrupting sleep.

Don’t tackle any complicated tasks an hour before bed, and keep your bedroom a refuge. “A bedroom is for sleeping, not watching TV or doing challenging crossword puzzles,” says Krespi.

Do have a bedtime ritual. Krespi recommends beginning to unwind an hour before bed with a warm shower or bath, chamomile tea or a glass of warm milk.

Do get up at the same time on your regular schedule, regardless of the sunrise.

Do get physical. “Exercise is a good thing. Morning exercise is best, and if you can get outside and get some sun exposure, do that,” says Krespi.

Don’t overdo the exercise. Pushing too hard if you haven’t been physically active can exacerbate underlying heart disease, says Grayver. If you’ve been mostly sedentary over the winter months, she recommends starting with slow walk for about 30 minutes daily and incrementally increasing the intensity.



As always, spring is a wonderful time to have your carpet cleaning done here in Omaha. Clean carpets help keep your home fresh, clean and free of dander and bacteria, which can help everyone sleep better at night!