We are very happy to partner with a great lawn and landscape company that has served omaha specializing in quality and service for many years. Matt with Diamond Cut Lawns is ready to help bring incredible curb appeal and add value to your home! 
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Diamond Cut Lawns has a great special running right now! Only $19.95* for the First Application of Fertilizer. *Requires purchase of 6-step annual plan and lawn size less than 8,000 sq. ft. New residential customers only.
Why Fertilize?
We fertilize to improve color, thickness, texture, and consistency throughout the lawn. A healthy vigorous growing turf also means better resistance to weeds, insects, disease, drought, cold, and wear. Weeds have a difficult time invading high quality turf. 
Why hire a professional? 
If you have muddled your way through fixing dead patches of grass, thin blades, yellowing turf, or the myriad of other issues homeowners face, then you know how costly and time consuming it can be to diagnose your lawn problems. Professional fertilizer and weed control services can save you the costly hassle in the long run. We know you want a healthy and beautiful lawn, and we know exactly how to make it happen. We will deliver thick, deep green and weed-free grass because it’s out job to make your lawn look great.
Diamond Cut Lawns
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Thank you Diamond Cut Lawns for including a Full 6 step fertilizer plan for our Busy Mom Contest Grand Prize winner! Still haven’t entered the contest? Check out this post, and enter before April 20th to be chosen as a finalist. The winner is chosen from 5 finalists on Mothers Day!