“If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes”

No doubt that is a famous quote heard quite often in Nebraska! Muddy Carpet is a fact of life during all seasons in our varied climates, but especially in spring.

We’ve seen a good amount of rain across the our great state over the last few weeks and it appears there is more on the way after this extreme heat wave! With school out for summer, there are also going to be some wonderful afternoon water fights with the hose. What does the weather, kids, pets and in general, more activities around your home mean? It means LOTS of mud/dirt being tracked into your home and more specifically, into your carpet.

muddy carpet causes dog and rain boots

The average household has 5 POUNDS of dirt in their carpet even after vacuuming. We don’t mind a bit of dirt, but we do mind what comes with it. The wear and tear on your carpet, the way it mattes and ruins your carpet pad and not to mention, muddy carpet stains are quite unsightly during a fun family get together.

You have many options to attempt to remove stains yourself, but unfortunately over time, the soaps and cleaners that are applied from a can will leave a residue that actually starts to attract stains and dirt. The phrase “the stain is back” is a real thing! Most carpet cleaners and stain removers you purchase at a local home improvement or grocery store do a quick job removing a muddy carpet stain for a few days, but ultimately, even just soaking it with water pushes the dirt down and a typical vacuum is not strong enough to remove that deep set in residue.

Another choice that may prove to be more successful, is to wait for the mud to dry, but the very fine, dry dirt still gets down deep into your carpet before you have a chance to vacuum it all up. Thats undoubtedly where that 5 pounds of dirt comes from!

muddy carpet causes- puddle jumping

Give us a call so we can help remove not repress the stains that are stuck in your carpet before they move to the pad and become impossible. The life of your carpet depends on your care and treatment of it! Muddy carpets will happen, check out our specials and give us a call!