Sometimes we just don’t have time to drag the vacuum out when we see a clump of our furry friends hair that gets left behind on the carpet. As temperatures creep into the 70’s and 80’s our pets will shed more and more and we will be looking for quick pet hair removal techniques. Not only is the hair unsightly, but it holds dander, which is no fun for allergy sufferers!

Here are a few great tricks for a quick pick up!

1. Duct Tape! – or any wide tape can be used to remove hair from clothing, carpets or other smaller spots where you just need to quickly remove a small section of fuzzies

2. A lint roller – Not just for lint! Roll across carpet, furniture, throw pillows or bedding after a four legged friend has left you a hairy present in the spot where they were napping.

3. Use a bathroom squeegee! Scraping the rubber squeegee across carpet will help you pick up the random hairs over a slightly larger section right before you have the family over, without much effort!

squeegee pet hair hair removal


4. Sprinkle baking soda to no only deodorize your carpet, but help loosen the hairs.


After you’ve tried these quick tricks, and busted out the vacuum for the stubborn hairs…are you still finding pet hair removal difficult? It may be your carpet fibers, they may be stubborn and require a professional! Give us a call today, we can help! Specials are always available to help you have PURE carpets that are allergen free for your family!