Spring is coming and the weather here in Omaha is warming up! Lots of us are ready for some fresh air and fresh spaces in our homes. Why not try arranging furniture to give your space a new look and feel without breaking the bank!


Here are some handy tips for carpet care while moving furniture.

1. Lift and move your heaviest pieces. Pushing and pulling can stretch your carpet. A ridge in the middle of your living room carpet is not the fresh new look you are going for!

2. After rearranging, use a pet brush or old coarse toothbrush to brush up matted carpet where furniture legs once sat.

3. Vacuum a few times, before and after the furniture placement. This is to clean the surface where there was once more foot traffic, but now may be under furniture, and also to help the newly exposed carpet revive itself where it was previously matted.

4. Place ice cubes around the most heavily dented areas. This will help bring life to the pad underneath the carper, allowing it to plump up.

ice cubes to take out carpet dents

5. Of course the best way to revive your stained, traffic matted carpets is to have them professionally cleaned by Pure Carpet Cleaning & Restoration! Locally owned and operated, we are your number one choice for customer service and satisfaction for Omaha carpet cleaning. As always, we offer MANY ongoing discounts that make our carpet cleaning services affordable for your family! Check out our SPECIALS and call us today!