There is a difference!

We typically use both words to describe anything that has left a mark on your carpet, but we’re hear to tell you, there is a difference! Carpet spots and carpet stains mean two different things when we are considering how to treat your carpet.

First there is the spot. The spot is actually what we love to see! A spot means that there is some sort of debris on your carpet, but the spot is removed immediately and there are is no lasting memory of whatever got spilled or dripped! This also means that the spot did NOT get into your carpet pad, or deep connecting fibers. Whew. That one is always removable.

Now, the stain. A stain is tough to remove, could be very old (even before you owned or rented your home) and most likely has soaked down through you carpet fibers and into your pad.

mom and baby on clean carpet with no spot or stainThe dreaded words no home owner wants to here…a stain may not even come out at all. It is important to note the difference and realize that even our wonderful, high quality cleaning equipment, formula’s and trained professionals cannot remove absolutely all stains from your carpet without pulling it up.

We do our best to remove stains by taking a series of steps to identify the source. Our first course of action is to find out if it is organic or synthetic?

Organic examples would be animal urine, blood, coffee, tea, wine and most fruits and vegetables. Synthetic stains would be soft drinks, brightly colored juices like Kool-Aid, cosmetics, medications, mustard. Anything with a high amount of artificial dyes will be considered synthetic.

Depending on the type of stain, we then use specialized cleaning agents, heat, water and pressure to treat the stain. Which brings us to another word that is very commonly misused.

When we TREAT a stain, we are not guaranteeing its complete removal. The more traffic to a stained area, the more the stain remnants will be shuffled or compressed bringing them to the surface again.

clean carpet no spot or stainIn some cases, stains can be removed with a series of treatments over 2-3 cleanings. This is why we recommend getting carpets cleaned every 6 months. Sometimes we need the stain to reappear so we can remove the rest of the dye.

Please give us a call and we look forward to solving your spots and stains while we clean and treat your carpet the best way we know how. With PURE ingredients, and honest customer service!

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