There are so many ways to stain your carpet sometimes we aren’t thinking of some of the more unusual ways we need to be careful while enjoying our carpeted flooring. Here is the Unlikely Carpet Stains, Spring Edition post. There will be many to follow, we’re sure!

Every Spring we look forward to the warmer temperatures and outdoor holidays that kick off with Easter. Part of the joy and fun of the Easter season is running through grass and finding eggs full of candy and treasures. Many families also celebrate with Easter baskets full of goodies brought by the Easter Bunny himself to kick off the warmer weather.

An unlikely combination that can prove to be a recipe for disaster when it comes to your carpet is water and tissue paper, easter grass, or crepe paper. Are you aware that those types of paper can and will bleed color when they are wet?

Rainbow Tissue Paper - Unlikely Carpet Stains

So imagine your children are out running around collecting the eggs in the fresh dew of the morning, followed by running right in the house to tear open there easter baskets and start counting all of their eggs, lining up their loot…and all of the sudden you realize there are not only wet spots on the carpet from the outside play, but now there are colored stains where the easter grass landed in a wet spot. And pretty soon, forget those pretty eggs you had on the table, you now have a kaleidoscope of colors on your carpet.

tissue paper stain - Unlikely Carpet StainsThere are a few general tips to remove any stain, even unlikely carpet stains you can follow in this case.

1. blot as much of the wet dye away without scrubbing, using a dry towel

2. Choose a spot carpet cleaner to spray and follow instructions for set time.

3. BLOT never SCRUB the treated area. Scrubbing with spread the color!

4. Repeat 2-3 times to hopefully remove the stain.

Unfortunately, as with all carpet stains, this may just not get the color out, as it could be deep into the fibers, and/or the pad depending on how soon you were able to see the stain and treat it. We have lots of experience cleaning stains out of carpet, reaching down to the padding using our non-toxic formulas and powerful steam cleaning systems.

So be mindful of this possibility and give us a call if you don’t want your carpet to resemble the Easter eggs on your table! We have new customer specials, and returning customer specials ALWAYS available! Check them out here.